• My Mermaid Treasure, LLC


My Mermaid Treasure, LLC is owned by Tracie Reeves and was founded on September 28th, 2016 and is a company who specializes in freshwater oysters, jewelry, soaps and cosmetics along with an interactive game show.

My Mermaid Treasure, #teampetty, and Merbitty are registered trademarks and protected by trademark law. Under trademark law  #teampetty and Merbitty are also protected marks.

We are a comedy show for entertainment purposes only.

My Mermaid Treasure, LLC is a distributor for #teampetty, a cosmetics company and Merbitty Sensory Soaps. Our products may contain ingredients that you might be sensitive or allergic to. Please be advised to check ingredient content before purchasing. 


Merbitty Whipped Soaps

Merbitty Bath Dusts

Merbitty Shower Gels

Fun Shaped Soaps

Whipped Sugar Polish

Merbitty Lotions

Gift Sets

Bath Bombs

No Rinse And Foam Soaps

Limited Time Only Products

#teampetty Lip Glosses

#teampetty Soaps and Shower Gels

#teampetty Sugar Scrubs and Body Butters

#teampetty Shampoo and Conditioner

#teampetty Bath Dusts and Salts

#teampetty Products

#teampetty Cosmetics

Petty Shades

Gula Bean Clothing

Open at Home Oysters

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